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Free Arctic Wolf Texture for Danny 1.0.5

Arctic Wolf Texture for Danny from FaceRig

  1. Merkindesr
    Just in time for the Winter Holiday!! lol. :)
    - - -
    So I was playing around with some textures and thought I'd post one for sharing.
    I noticed that the "Albino" Danny texture supplied by FaceRig was just not white enough for me, so I modified a few small things and highlighted others... Just some simple stuff really.
    But I completely rebuilt the eye texture because I was going for something that really stood out and draws you in. hehe. ^_^

    OH, and I created a standalone exe for it, so simply unzip and install.

    - - -
    p.s. If you like it please be sure to click the "like" button below, and if you could Rate it that would be even cooler. Thank you!!

    Please Enjoy!

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