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Free Facerig Texture Installer 0.5.0

Facerig Texture Installer for all my current skins

  1. Merkindesr
    Ok, so I have been up almost all night trying to get this out to you all, so I really hope you guys like it.

    It's a Facerig Texture Installer for all my existing textures. As I make more I will continue to update it for you all.

    Since I have not heard anything back about how to add them permanently without replacing current ones, it basically overides the "Custom" texture for each character. So you can only use one skin per character at a time.

    I made an uninstall button to clean out all skins and start over as well.

    The newest additions to my textures is the Taj skins, which I hope you really like. And I made a section where you can use my danny skins on danny shorter snout.

    p.s. If you like it please be sure to click the "like" button below, and if you could Rate it that would be even cooler. Thank you!!

    Please Enjoy!
    *falls over and snores heavily* zzz

    snow leopard small.png


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Recent Reviews

  1. Zeyran
    Version: 0.5.0
    I like the snow leopard he is very cute.
  2. JimDaleFox
    Version: 0.5.0
    Uber cute, and great installer program.