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About Daz And Facerig.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Ernest, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. Ernest

    Ernest New Minion

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    Hi all. First, sorry, i have a bad english :(

    I purchased Facerig and want make a pro upgrade, but first, i need know how to:

    I have a small Daz Studio stuff, i want export my character to facerig but, how to? Any here can help-me with especific tutorial? I try read the " personal content tutorial" but, i no have experience with 3D, i just use Daz.

  2. jujubi

    jujubi FaceRig Staff FaceRig Staff

    +9 / 0 / -0
    Community-made avatars are integrated in Facerig via two file formats: collada (for geometry and animation) and targa (for texture maps). It doesn't matter which programs are used to export these files as long as they respect the requirements and naming conventions described in FacerigModelDocumentation located in SteamApps/common/faceRig/Bin/Tools/Docs.

    More info/discussions here

    and here
    http://steamcommunity.com/app/274920/discussions/6/ (to find more details about the import process and see what others have been working on, as well as get assistance from our team)

    As far as I know, DAZ figures use morphs and the models are not rigged. You will have to rig your model in order to import it into FaceRig.

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