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Animated Or Moving Textures?

Discussion in 'Plans & Ideas' started by m0r1arty, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. m0r1arty

    m0r1arty Common Minion

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    I was wondering if an animation (Such as a .gif or .avi) could be applied as a texture or if a texture could 'move' whilst being rendered such as a map or list of equations slowly being pulled up, down, left, right or zoomed in or out whilst applied to a model of a 'body'.

    I realise this could quickly escalate into CPU/GPU hungry calculations if applied to more than one model and so was hoping just for a basic human mesh which could still work as it should with FaceRig but have an air of its surface having its own life.

    I would like to have binary code run across a model representing me whilst I can respond in real time.

    Do you think this is possible or could be possible in a future version?

    Thanks for any and all replies!

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