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Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by Xyphien, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Navihawk
    Boxed In

    Navihawk Ardalys' Rider

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    Waiting for Fallout 4 now.
  2. Cadh20000

    Cadh20000 Well-Known Minion

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    Too many, but one I keep going back to is the MMORPG "Mabinogi"(it can also be played on Steam) which I started playing back in 2008 just about a week after the Open Beta ended. It has no classes, instead any character can learn any skills as long as they have the prerequisite skills and items and/or can find the appropriate NPC to teach it to them. Stats are primarily determined by a combination of skill "Ranks" and what "Titles" have been equipped.

    The one I'm playing the most recently though is the browser game "Kanpani Girls" where you play the CEO of an otherwise all female mercenary troop. Your character is an office worker from Tokyo, Japan, but he somehow got displaced to another world where he met some warriors who saved his life. They agree to work together to form a mercenary group where they fight and you manage the paperwork and negotiating with the clients.

    Both are free to play, though Mabinogi is a pretty large download. Considering the fact it has 2 continents, an island city, multiple alternate worlds, and dozens of dungeons, that is to be expected. :p

    As for games that actually cost money, one I really enjoy is a puzzle game called "Strata" where you are given a set of colored squares and the ability to use strips of colored ribbon to weave together and overlay them, you need to layer the ribbons in such a way that the top most layer at each square matches the color of the square it is over. It costs $3.99 on Steam.
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