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Three And One Giveaway!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Xyphien, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Xyphien

    Xyphien Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    +113 / 0 / -0
    Hello everyone, I have been quite inactive the past few as my training was coming to an end. I have just graduated AIT and am now 100% MOS qualified, and ready to do my job in the army...

    I noticed my inactivity has effected the forum/website as it has became inactive as well. So, to apologize, and to celebrate my graduation I'm giving out three free copies of facerig and a copy of FaceRig Pro to four lucky people!

    NOTE: This does NOT count as a member of the month, so you have yet another chance to win a copy of FaceRig and FaceRig pro at the end of this month as well.

    Simply share this post with everyone you know, and get them to join using your referral code (Image on how to find this below) and start referring members. NOTE: We have the ability to view IP's and it notifies us if you make multiple accounts, so don't try to trick the system, and will just result in your accounts getting banned, and your account getting limited.


    The persons with the most referrals by the end of the month will win copies of FaceRig to either give away, or to keep. What you do with it is entirely up to you as long as you do not resell it.

    A keen way to get people to advertise would be by posting something like this:


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