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  1. Medals

    1. Owner

      Awarded to the owner of the forum.

    2. Super Donator

      This user has donated over $50 at one time to the forum!

    3. Staff

      This user is apart of the staff team.

    4. COTW

      This user is the COTW (Creator Of The Week) Through dedication and time, he/she has uploaded the best addon of this week!

    5. Donator

      This user has donated at least $5 one time to the FRUS community.

    6. MOTW

      This user is the MOTW (Member Of The Week) Through activity, and outstanding helpfulness, he/she has proven to be the most valuable member this week!

    7. First Few

      This user has been one of the first 100 members to have joined the forum!

    8. Featured!

      This user has had his/her post, or addon featured on either the main page, or the feature resource section of the website!

    9. Character Creator

      This user has created a free character module for download on FRUS.

    10. It's dangerous to go alone, take this.

      Post an (approved) downloadable item on the resource tab to receive this medal.

    11. Prop Artist

      This user has created a free prop module for download on FRUS.

    12. Skin Maker

      This user has created a free skin for a character of FaceRig (Either Custom or Default Character Skin) for download on FRUS.

    13. Artistic Designer

      This user has created a free design of some sort for download on FRUS.

    14. Forum Helper

      This user has made some type of contribution to the FRUS forums. Rather if it's to tell us something is wrong with the site, or volunteer to help us fix a problem.

    15. Signature Holder

      This user currently has a link (Either text or image) of FRUS community on his/her signature on a website outside of FRUS.

    16. Tweeter!

      For following our twitter page: https://twitter.com/FaceRigUS

    17. Old MOTW/COTW winners

      Old MOTW/COTW winners