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Fluffo Teddy Hat + InstallProp .6

teddy bear hat fluffo install prop

  1. Fluffo's Teddy Hat + Install Prop .6

    InstallProp can now be used to install your own props you've created through Phidias and the CommunityDataProcessor.

    First create a new directory and copy over the following items:
    install-prop.ps1 (optional)

    Next, go into your CustomData Path or $fr_customdata_path OR <facerig installation directory>\Mod\VP\PC_CustomData\Objects. In there you find what I call "accesorie" folders which will contain your custom props after they've been processed through Phidias...
  2. Fluffo TeddyHat + InstallProp .5

    InstallProp is now much more streamlined. With the customdata information already processed. Installprop will now just find or create the path necessary to install the prop directly without Phidias


    1. TeddyHatProp.jpg
  3. Fluffo TeddyHat + Install Prop v.21

    This is more of an update to InstallProp.exe.

    The original powershell script is now packed with the prop.
    InstallProp now uses registry keys more specific to Facerig rather than just Steam
    InstallProp now logs itself and output from Phidias in install-log-(date)-(time) in the original unpacked directory. If something goes wrong, open up this file in notepad. It will tell which directories and paths were used. Include this when reporting any problems to Axelroo....