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Change Image Of "facerig Application Is Offline"

Discussion in 'Questions & Queries' started by Wolfbane, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Wolfbane

    Wolfbane New Minion

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    Change Image of "FaceRig Application is offline"
    I would like to replace the image that is displayed when facecam is not online.

    So replace it with an customize image or just a monotone color of my choise.

    If this is already doable then plz enlighten me how.
    Or where I can find the image on the computer an replace it with an image of my own.
  2. FurRiffic

    FurRiffic Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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    1. This is the COMMUNITY site, not a site managed by Holotech Studios. For that you should look at http://facerig.com or the Steam Community Page.
    2. To edit the images go to
    In there are 2x2 images, You can replace all four with your own images as long as
    • They have the same size
    • The text on them has similar meaning as the original (not 100% required but I do advise it.)
    Also do note that during an update / cache verification, these files will be reverted back to the original.

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