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Difference In Versions

Discussion in 'Questions & Queries' started by ltl_king, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. ltl_king

    ltl_king New Minion

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    There is nothing on the steam page about this. Does anyone know what each version contains.

    About This Software

    FaceRig has three versions:
    • FaceRig (or Facerig Classic) is the base version. Usable for monetized Youtube/Twitch content, but under certain limitations. Read the EULA for details.
    • FaceRig Pro is obtainable by purchasing the optional FaceRig Pro upgrade DLC. It is the same as Classic feature-wise except it has less limitations in regards to commercial use and allows monetization of videos on Youtube and Twitch beyond the limitation of the Classic version (please read the EULA for details - http://store.steampowered.com//eula/274920_eula_1, especially if you want to license it as a business or to use it for profit).
    • FaceRig Studio targeted at the professional market. This one is estimated to be available much later, in 2015.
  2. FurRiffic

    FurRiffic Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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    I thought the text would be quite clear, but anyway:
    First off, Studio isn't out yet, so you can't get that, but once it's out it include features that are more for companies and really advanced professionals. The avarage user won't need to get this.
    Secondly, FaceRig Classic and FaceRig studio are the same feature wise, which include:
    - the program
    - the basic avatars (the one's you see in the images on steam, although some you have to download separately though free or paid DLC's (currently there is only 1 paid DLC, other then the Pro upgrade)
    The DIFFERENCE between the two is how the monetization works, aka if you want to make money with the use of FaceRig.
    If you don't want to use FaceRig in any way to earn money (this include showing it on video / streaming sites where you get advertisement-income, or any other direct or indirect way) just get Classic.
    If you do want to earn money with it, you need to carefully read and understand the EULA before deciding to get Classic or Pro.

    One final note, this are the COMMUNITY made / managed forums, you are better off getting official answers on the steam forums: http://steamcommunity.com/app/274920/discussions/

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