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Exporting From Maya To Facerig

Discussion in 'Questions & Queries' started by Sigoat, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Sigoat

    Sigoat New Minion

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    Hey guys,

    So I'm particularly new to this program and procedure

    In regards to the process, I have been looking at guidelines across the forums, tutorials far and beyond on the internet, and I haven't found much help in relevance to importing models from Maya to FaceRig.

    I have followed the DemonAnimationReferences provided by Discmage, and his tutorial on "Avatar Import Process" (http://facerig.us/index.php?resources/avatar-import-process-visemes-reference.25/)

    With his tutorial, he suggests to export the geo as DAE. Across all the examples and folder I've looked through, I haven't seen DAE. used. Can someone explain to me what that specific file format is for or if it is ever used?

    That goes for the following file types too:
    I'm not familiar (aside from .anim) with any of these file formats (note, I'm a Maya user, if this is specific to Max, blender users can you please let me know and how I can apply this to maya or what I need to do with it exactly?)

    For what covers on file types.. I know that I can export Blendshapes as .anim formats, but I'm not sure how exactly it works. Do I make a keyframe for that specific blendshape and export is as an anim.?

    If there are genuine video tutorials on how to work around this (and from browsing through forums seeing something about a documentation on how to do this ) it would be greatly appreciated if you could share that info with me

  2. Discmage

    Discmage Well-Known Minion

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    You need to export using DAE files. The reason you are not seeing these files in THEIR folders is that they have already undergone the import process and translated into file formats the program uses. ALL of your files that you need to import (apart from textures) is .DAE files for each of the animations. The import process turns these DAE files into the required formats, in the required folders, in the facerig application folder.

    Therefore you will not be working with .anim either. the demon visemes images show you all the animations you need to have (as listed in the documentation that comes with facerig) and they have to be animated with bones. You cannot use blendshapes.

    You cannot work around this...I believe Maya needs a converter to export to DAE files. I know 3dstudio max can export directly to .dae. Do a quick google search on exporting .dae from Maya and see what you come up with.

    Give me a buzz if you need any further info :)
  3. Utpal

    Utpal Minion

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    To import or export in fbx format you need a plugin in Maya called fbxmaya. Maya may already have the plugin installed in your system, but the old version of the plugin may not import properly (your geometry may not import right side up and the scale of the geometry may be messed up)
    Be sure to download the latest version of fbx exporter (2012 or higher) from the Autodesk website.

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